Hi everyone ! I'm Natasja, I find inspiration in art, nature, architecture, yoga, food, people, and music.

About Me

I'm buzzing around the city collecting clothes and props with a set of photographs tucked under my arm, a storyboard playing in my head; saying "hi", dunking down a cup of coffee; a mobile phone tweeting in my back pocket.

For a split second I feel like I'm actually in that little movie under my arm. Then I laugh.

"Hey, Natasja", the phone says, sounding remarkably like my directing colleague speaking into it on the other end. "All ready for a fitting? "

"Ready and talking!", I smile. "All dressed, tuned and talking. I've got your visual voice-overs neatly folded in, well, very heavy bags."

Five more metres to my car. Some bystanders pause. Amused looks.

Not a shopaholic; I'm a stylist, this is work.

"Excuse me?" , the phone says.

Trendspeak, I smile. It's short for 'I've studied Public Relations and Advertising, followed it up with a study Fashion Design; so I know how to catch that marketing and publicity curve ball and get people in on the game. And I love watching people, love to know what makes them tick, which is why I love my job!

"Shouldn't you say something about teamwork?", the old guy says as he helps me load the gear into my car.

My phone laughs. "Teamwork is why you're in this game."

A tap on the bonnet sends me off. There's a nice moment in my rear-view mirror. I catch it and press my foot down. Now go girl, drive!

Clients include:
T-Mobile • Smiths • KPN • TMF • Simyo • ING Bank • Prodent • RET • Honig • Connexion • Achmea • Verkade • Dubbelfris • TNT • Etos • NS • Aviko • Campina • Blueband • Lu • K-Swiss • AGFA • ABNAmro • Philips • Pearle • Shell • Agis • Consumentenbond • Defensie • Albert Heijn • Bijenkorf • Zorg en Zekerheid • Samsung • Douwe Egberts • Libelle • Margriet • Danone • Celavita • MBCI • UPC • Sourcy • Rijksoverheid • Post NL • Pickwick • Nouveau • Nintendo • Nationale Nederlanden • Miele • Makro • Kwekkeboom • KLM • Keune • Jumbo

Advertising Agencies / Production companies:
TBWA • ARA • Twenty Ten • Energize • Alfred • Kokoro • Czar • Caviar Brussel • Lukkien • Brenninkmeijer & Isaacs • WAIKIKI LAB • Etc..

[ new portfolio website is in developement ! ]

You can see some of my work (videos) on Facebook and (images) on Instagram links below


Get In Touch | +31 (0)6 2158 4444 | info@natasjagoedemondt.com